ARLIS/SC 2008 Elections Results

The ARLIS/SC Nominations Committee is pleased to announce the 2008 election of Sarah Sherman as Vice-Chair/Chair Elect and Julie Yamashita as Secretary. We thank everyone who voted. We especially thank Lindsey Reno, the other candidate for Secretary, for running.

The Executive Board and Nominations Committee would like to congratulate the new officers.

Heather Cleary, Krista Ivy, and L. Chizu Morihara
ARLIS/SC Nominations Committeee 2008

Complete ARLIS/SC Board for 2008:

* Robert Gore, Chair
* Sarah Sherman, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
* Julie Yamashita, Secretary
* Alyssa Resnick, Treasurer
* Kathleen Svetlik, Past Chair

Thank you for your participation!