Call for Judith A. Hoffberg Travel Award Applications

ARLIS/SC Judith A. Hoffberg Travel Award Announcement

The Southern California Chapter of ARLIS/NA is currently inviting applicants for its annual Judith A. Hoffberg Travel Award. The award honors the Chapter’s founder Judith A. Hoffberg. This year $400 will be awarded to support and encourage involvement in ARLIS/NA activities by helping to defray the costs of attending the 2012 ARLIS/NA 40th Conference in Toronto, Canada.

Letters of application are due by February 5, 2012 and the winners will be notified by February 17, 2012.


1. Membership. Applicants must be members in good standing of both ARLIS/NA and the Southern California Chapter  [Note: Southern CA membership forms and checks can be sent along with the award application.  For a copy of the chapter’s membership form see]

2. Financial need. Only applicants who receive partial or no institutional funds towards conference attendance will be considered (We strongly encourage folks who do not receive full funding to apply).

3. Eligible applicants include current board members (as voted on by the membership at the Cerritos meeting on March 29, 2006).

Selection will be weighted toward those applicants who best fulfill the following guidelines:

1. Are attending the ARLIS/NA Annual Conference for the first time, and/or

2. Are actively participating in the conference in such roles as speaker, moderator, recorder, workshop attendee, etc.

Conditions of the award:

1. Award winner must commit to attending the Chapter meeting at the conference.

2. Award winner must submit a written conference report for publication in Canvas, the Chapter newsletter. This report will include an account of the recipient’s personal conference experiences and how the award contributed to his/her professional development.

To apply for the award:

Please email a letter of application to Isotta Poggi, Chair of the Travel Awards Committee by February 5, 2012, briefly outlining your reasons for attending the conference as well as a short biographical statement listing employment history, educational background, professional activities, and how much funding you will be receiving from your institution (please limit information to a maximum of 2 pages). Winners must confirm in writing that they are able to meet the requirements of conference attendance. The travel awards will be presented to the winners at the ARLIS/SC Chapter meeting in Toronto (time and place to be determined).

Isotta Poggi
Getty Research Institute
1200 Getty Center Drive, Suite 1100
Los Angeles, CA 90049-1688
Tel: 310.440.7396