Minutes of the ARLIS/SC Virtual Board Meeting: [1/31/12]

[participants: Krista Ivy, Chair; Janine Henri, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect; Virginia Allison, Secretary; Cathy Billings, Treasurer; Alyssa Resnick, Past-Chair]

On January 31, 2012, the ARLIS/Southern California (ARLIS/SC) Nominating Committee presented election results to the ARLIS/SC Board. The newly elected Vice-Chair is Patti Peregrine and the newly elected Treasurer is Teresa Soleau. The complete ARLIS/SC Board for 2012:

Janine Henri, Chair

Patti Peregrine, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect

Virginia Allison, Secretary

Teresa Soleau, Treasurer

Krista Ivy, Past-Chair

The results were announced on ARLIS-CA and ARLIS-L on January 31, 2012. The ARLIS/NA website at http://www.arlisna.org/organization/chapters.html has been updated to reflect new officers.