Art Museum Libraries and Librarianship – Published!

Art Museum Libraries and LibrarianshipScarecrow Press and ARLIS/NA co-publish Art Museum Libraries and Librarianship edited by ARLIS/SC member Joan Benedetti. Described by Scarecrow Press as the “first publication of its kind” this valuable monograph focuses on issues that impact the often invisible but not insignificant art museum library. Information on ordering this publication can be found at For an insider’s account of how this publication came to life, check out Joan’s essay on The Making of Art Museum Libraries and Librarianship.

If you purchase the book at the ARLIS/NA Conference in Atlanta, you will receive a 20% discount!

The Making of “Art Museum Libraries and Librarianship”

Joan BenedettiThe following is a “behind the scenes” account by ARLIS/SC member Joan Benedetti of the editing of the book, Art Museum Libraries and Librarianship, a co-publication of ARLIS/NA (Occasional Paper No. 16) and Scarecrow Press and the first book on the subject. Benedetti worked for 21 years as a solo librarian at the Craft and Folk Art Museum and then for five years at the L.A. County Museum of Art asa cataloger until her retirement at the end of 2002. She has written and presented several papers on the subject of small art museum libraries.

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