The ARLIS-CA listserv has moved to ARLIS/NA Commons as of July 2022. If you would like to join or stay on the listserv, please subscribe via the new ARLIS-CA Group on Humanities Commons:

Folks who have not already done so will need to join ARLIS/NA Commons using the same email address that is used for their ARLIS/NA membership.

  • Once you have joined ARLIS/NA Commons, please join the ARLIS-CA group
  • The ARLIS-CA discussion board will be replacing the shared listserv for the ARLIS Northern California and ARLIS Southern California chapters.
    • Members can either post and reply directly via the discussion board, or by sending an email to
    • To receive email alerts for messages posted to the discussion board, please go to the Email Options tab in the ARLIS-CA Group and select your preferred subscription option.

Please note that anyone interested is welcome to join ARLIS-CA—folks do not need to be a member of either of the California chapters of ARLIS to join the ARLIS-CA group in Humanities Commons. If you are not a member of ARLIS/NA, you can still join the ARLIS-CA group and participate in California chapter activity by joining the Open Humanities Commons network.

If you have any questions or trouble subscribing please contact ARLIS-SoCal Secretary Sarah Wade for help at